Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's A Small World - First Grade Musical

This post really is for the grandparents and Auntie's and Uncles as all the video may not be that interesting to anyone but them!!
This was last night, the kids were so cute and sang so well!  Chase had a line to say at the mic and was so shy :)  Here are some pictures and a bunch of video clips of the songs.

They were asked to dress their heritage, I just wasn't sure what to do!
So we have American, Canadian, Mexican, Norwegian;
just missing English and a smidge of Irish and Italian!

Can you spot them?!  Mason's hat was too big to wear during the songs!

Chase saying "My friend just arrived from New Zealand!"

Proud of her brothers plus she new most of the songs b/c of the boys!

Silly photo required!

Click on the song names for the video.  I have no zoom on my video :( and this was the best I could do.  Next time I better arrive more than 30 min early for a front row seat!

Musical Numbers:
It's a Small World
Mbombela (Lesotho)
Yanai (India)
Ach, Du Lieber Augustin (Germany)
La Cloche (France)
Sansa Kroma (Ghana)
Este Nino Lindo (Mexico)
Oma Rapati (New Zealand)
Arirang (Korea)
Leatherwing Bat (USA)

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hi-d said...

That's super-cute! I love the viking hat. Nice touch ;)