Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random photos

Just some recent random photos that aren't on Facebook but thought the Grandparents would enjoy :-)

Anybody else have a child who does this?
Mason used to, now Madelynne does!
It's sweet but drives me crazy too! :)

Sister wanted to sit with him, he's being careful!

This poor swan was beat up by 2 other swans and his
neck stuck through the fence.  Our neighbour beat off
the other swans trying to take over this ones territory.

Madelynne's hair

I would love to have my daughters hair... straight in the front, curly in the back!  You'd never know how long it is with the curls.
This was really hard to take.  First to keep her still, second to quickly get a picture after dumping water on
her head before it curls up again!
A pony tail in the back makes her look so grown up!

Texas guests cont...

Well, I could edit the last post, but I'll just add a new one instead!
I was smarter than I realized when I backed up my sim card before getting a new iPhone... I have my pictures afterall, yay!
So here are a couple more.  (I've been having fun with
April's photo of us, less blurry.
April's photo, no tongue's out on the boys!

Cool photo of Jerry and Leah with mirror reflection.
Jeanie and Don

April's photo, cute eh!
Getting creative at Bunratty.
Shop street at Bunratty
Pretty tree at Bunratty

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Texas guests

We feel so honored to have had some very special folk from Texas to come visit us in April.  It was nice to show them a bit of life as we know it at the moment, and they were a keen audience!  I think they like Ireland quite a bit!
THANKS A MILLION for coming to see us!
Now... for some reason I barely took any pictures!  And even the pictures I took, I forgot to download to my computer before getting my iPhone replaced.  So sadly, they are gone.  So I have copied some of Leah and April's... Thanks ladies!
Boys helping unpack a very full car!
Opening goodies from Thompson's!

Ready to show where they go to school.

Leah tickling the ivories :)
Birthday cake for Leah.
Men visiting

Dinner out at Moran's on the Weir

The group, pardon my boys...
A visit to Bunratty Castle

Monday, May 21, 2012

4 things I've loved recently

Madelynne always has to give the boys a big smacking kiss once they are tucked in bed, and says "I wuv you, good night"

Chase is constantly singing/humming, usually hymns.  Recently it's been the tune of "I need the mind of Christ".

Mason has really been a big helper, asking me many times now what he can do to help.

Daddy is playing more; whether riding the zip line at the park, going on rides, games with the kids.  He looks so relaxed and happy when he plays.

Family Photos

We had some family photos taken in Canada, I had previously attached a link to Stephanie Stewart's website, but thought I would add some on my blog now too.  Big thanks again to Stephanie!  Enjoy!