Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fashion by Madelynne

This little girlie knows what she wants to wear, loves dress up and comes up with some interesting outfits!
A little fashion show for you!

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Year's in Sligo

We took a 4 day vacation to Sligo after Christmas, and over New Year's.  We also we able to go to Special Meetings the Thursday, so that was a highlight.  Friday night we went to Sylvia's folks for supper, the boys loved playing with her little sis Sarah.  Sylvia goes to Uni here in Galway, the boys have crushes on her :)

Playing barbies with Sarah!

Madelynne and Sylvia

The hotel had a kids club that was awesome!  They entertained the kids most of the day, up until 9PM!  The spa was fantastic.  The rooms not so... unless they renovate, I couldn't recommend the hotel!!

On our way home we went the long way by Westport, drove by Ireland's only fjord, and had lunch with a very special couple to us, Noel and Madeline, in Clifden.

Beside the sign above is the following that spoils the view yet strangely interesting!
Can't wait to get good pictures of the fjord when it's all lush and green.

Noel and Madeline with the kids

Friday, January 13, 2012

A full house

Dec 24 to 28 was a full house and WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE!!
We were lucky to have Chris, Jennifer, Timothy, Katelin, Macey, Matthew, Jolee and Julia visit from Dubai!
I had actually only met Jennifer once, we became Facebook friends and seriously, our families hit it off famously.  (Ruben knew Chris and Jennifer in college days plus we know Jennifer's family)  Felt like we'd known each other for ages.  We have the Americans living abroad in common plus other things and of course the most important thing in common, our faith.  Love that!
What we did... Special Meetings in Limmerick, tour of Galway downtown, Cliffs of Moher, lots of games, lots of food and conversation, and we parents even got a double date night!  We skipped Christmas turkey dinner and had a big yummy Mexican enchilada feast made by Ruben on the 26th. 
Jolee and Madelynne hit if off big time, they were inseperable, so cute!  Having 6 kids to entertain our 3 was amazing, barely saw them! :)
Only problem now... we have a bucket list of places to visit and Dubai has been added and it will have to be while this amazing family is there!  Hope they were serious about their invite!  :)
I have to say I was a bit sad about our first Christmas as a family not with either side of our families, but didn't feel that way at all, once our company arrived. It was grand!  Thanks for coming y'all!

Girls Girls Girls!
Enchilada night

Shop Street, Galway

The Burren, across Galway Bay is Galway
(Jennifer's picture... my iPhone didn't do it justice!)
Cliffs of Moher
We are family

Our company

Gorgeous girlies!
(potential trouble makers!)

Santa 2011

Since we had somewhere very special to be on Sun 25 Dec, more important than physical presents, we asked Santa to come a day early and he obliged!  :)  Santa even left a note thanking the kids for making his job easier by coming a day early.  So presents it was on the 24th morning.  Nothing glamorous, just our little family around the fire, and we had fun. :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

5 posts on 40 days and 40 nights

Start at the beginning and scroll down 5 posts!

40 days and 40 nights - Dublin

We went a day early to Dublin before mom and dad departed home, so that we could show them a tiny bit of Dublin.  It's got character and energy, I always love downtown Dublin!
I don't have many pictures on this.  Thanks so much for coming mom and dad, you know you are very welcome ANYTIME!!!!

40 days and 40 nights - This and that

Mom and dad also did a big road trip north of here, into Northern Island and back.  I may add a couple of those pictures to this post.  Otherwise this is gerneral pictures from day to day here.  It was soooooo nice to have dad to walk the boys to and from school.  The parents missed dad when he left.  Was funny how they tried to back peddle out of that saying they like seeing me at school too, they just really enjoyed their chats with dad!  And it was soooooo nice to be constantly caught up with the ironing and dishes and laundry etc with mom!  The kids loved having Papa and Bama here, can't wait to see them in April, in Canada, if all goes as planned!  (It better!)

Agnus and Jody over for tea

Madelynne started Creche

Dad off to Latvia

Bama listening to her grand daughter dictate what shoes to try on :)

Al little ping pong at the Rec Center in Clifden

Bday presents from Papa and Bama

She loves this!

Robert and Suzanne over for lunch with Laura and Julie

Family from Cork visiting on school break in Nov.

Julie and Laura moving into a new batch

Edgar, Timothy and Julie (Laura's sister)

Land of rainbows

Farmer's market every Thursday by the school

Mom and dad got to see Kari, Nigel and twins Sine and Lily

Some Duggan's.  Prob not related but fine folk!

The last supper in Galway :)

What Madelynne eats and leaves behind

Dad eating supposedly the best ever seafood chowder
(as per Ruben's bosses etc)
Where we are

Creme Brulee that makes you happy!