Thursday, July 26, 2012

Texas in July

We had a 12 day trip back to Texas.  In case you don't know, we are being re-patriated back to Texas, leaving Ireland Aug 15th.  That is a whole other story and mixture of emotions, BUT for this post it's about this wee trip to Texas!

We got to see Grandma and Grandpa, our family, our friends, buy a mini van, find a house to rent, register the boys in a school, Doctors appointments for Madelynne (she continues to be all good, yay!)... what we didn't get to do was enjoy the sun in a pool!  It basically rained, yes, RAINED the whole time we were there!  Crazy!  And Texas sized thunder storms!  I'm sooooo glad we don't get those in Ireland!
Justin and Sara let us stay in their home since they were away while we were there, and that was sooo nice!  (A zillion thanks again!)

Travel and our new ride
Time indoors out of the heat and rain and of course, a Whole Foods stop!
Play time at the Clarke's

These 2 getting used to each other again over marbles!

Rudy's supper entertainment and parents could visit :)

Sorry it's blurry but they had fun with these!

Doctors appointments at Dell... who rules the roost eh?!

Cousin Marisa was very tolerant and these kids had a blast :)

The Cortez Clan July 2012

Good-bye hugs to Gma and Gpa but we'll see them soon!

Hotel entertainment


Preya and her dear 3 children came to see us, can I tell you how happy this made me?!  It was so awesome to show one of my best friends ever where we've been living and just talk, talk and talk and laugh, laugh and laugh like we used to, like it hadn't been years since we'd last seen each other!  I wish we could visit them one day in their lonely but beautiful corner of the earth... you never know!

One morning the neighbour girl babysat so Preya and I could go shopping down town Galway.  That was lovely!

It was a blast from the past taking crazy pictures and passing the tradition on to our children! (big grin)

A good time was had by all.  Thanks a million for side tracking and coming to see us! xx

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just thinking about convention...

My family is at Didsbury right now, brings back so many memories, it's still my "home" convention.  Wishing we could be there, BUT we have been so privileged to get bits and pieces of 3 conventions on this side of the world!  Gartocharn in Scotland, Cork in Ireland, Antrim in Northern Ireland and dropped by to say hello to 2 very special people to me at Down Patrick!

Patti and Darrel, so wonderful to see them!

Finally got to meet Tama!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

T is for the Tanners

We really dig this family from Co. Cork :)  They came for the weekend not long ago.
With this family, it's always good times for the kids and great conversation for the parents.  Stephanie has been an awesome friend.  Thanks for coming to visit!  xx

Anna and Madelynne

These 2 became buddies during the school year, as well as this little girls brother with my boys as they were in the same class, and their mom and I really got to be close.  One day I'll convince Sinead to have her picture taken :)  Madelynne dressed herself this day, as she does most days... she was quite hip watching the boys on their sports day!