Sunday, April 17, 2011

Only 1 sleep left in this house!

Only 1 sleep left in this house...
ONLY ONE SLEEP LEFT IN THIS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  (Okay, I feel better now!)
I'm soooo not ready for the packers to arrive in the morning, but they'll be here ready or not!  I'm sad, yet really have no time to dwell on it with so much to do!  (We've been working on it for 2 months but still so many last minute and little things.)

This is when I really wish my folks or in-laws or sister lived down the street.  Not that I've lacked in help coming to our house to watch the kids.  Sooooo grateful for that.  Thank-you thank-you thank-you!  But I could really handle dropping off the kids somewhere ALL day long to get things done!  You can see by the picture my little helper!  (And not like we are moving any closer to them the next time this happens!!!  But we've managed and we can again!)

Oh... and today my dear hubby's foot decided to swell up with gout.  Not the most opportune time!  He's been in bed from noon on!  The only good thing is locking Madelynne in the room with him so that I can work elsewhere in the house!

By this time tomorrow I'll be a lot more calm!  For the next few nights, we'll be staying at the new Holiday Inn Express in Hutto.  Check it out on-line, very contemporary... was a big pleasant surprise to me for Hutto!!

Thanks for "listening"!  :)  Now to get off the computer and put the kids to bed so I can keep on getting things sorted!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday cake #3 for Ruben!

April 9th, Ruben's sister and hubby had all of Ruben's family over for his birthday.  Aunty Angie and Uncle Jerry were visiting from Oklahoma so it was extra special to see them too.
The kids were treated to an early easter egg hunt, you can never have too many of those eh!  And of course, another bunny cake by Mary - yummy carrot cake :)
Thanks Rachael and Dane for a great afternoon!

LOVE this picture of the sweet sisters!

Family Pic 1

Family Pic 2, kids not cooperating - so tired!

Madelynne enjoyed this!  Very serious about it too!

The wee kids

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picnic Perfect Weather

April 6 to 8 we had the privilege to have Uncle John and Uncle Matt stay.  The kids loved it and so did we.  Thursday we headed for a picnic at noon at Bull Creek Park in Austin.  It was a Picnic Perfect and Picture Perfect Day!





Sunday, April 10, 2011

Farewell Potluck at the Leen's

It's true... at the end of this month we are headed to Ireland for a couple years!

Doing virtual cartwheels due to excitement, yet at the same time about to have panic attacks at all that still needs to be done in the next 2 weeks!  I also constantly worry about the boys adapting to the change, missing their friends, etc etc, but according to ex-pat advice, as long as mom keeps things as normal as possible and sets up home as close to as they are used too, they'll be fine! (no pressure eh!)

Brad and Dawn kindly had a farewell party for us on April 3rd.  It was perfect!  Cute decorations, outdoor fun for kids and adults, Tex-Mex food, birthday cake for Ruben and sweet fellowship.  THANK-YOU soooo much for doing that for us, opening up your house to so many people, preparing food, making cookies, setting up, cleaning up, etc etc.

We'll miss y'all too!  Sniff sniff!

I love this picture, I think it needs to be framed and on the wall!
The best cookies made by Dawn!

Another yummy Tres Leche cake!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to an incredible Husband and Daddy!

As always, it's no joke, today is the day of my dear hubby's birthday!  He's a 69'er, the boys have had fun saying and writing 42 today!
Yesterday as we waiting for Ruben to return from Ireland, we made and decorated the mandatory "bunny cake" :) and decorated the table for a party.  So this morning, what did we eat first?  Cake!  And I think Ruben and I were just as excited to eat cake for breakfast as the boys :)  Madelynne enjoyed it too.
It was a day full of errands, and then of course, a bit more cake!
Happy Birthday Ruben.  We love you sooooo much!  You mean the world to us!  When Ruben walked through the gates last night, Madelynne would not let him go, love it, so sweet!