All about Madelynne

10-04-10; I can hold a full bottle on my own now!  I'm such a big girl!  Also I crawl everywhere now, I pull myself up, check things out, no longer need help to sit again, I move on to the next thing to check out.  I'm quite independent!

09-26-10; Tooth #2 showed up!  She's not too happy at the moment, such a pain these teeth!

09-22-10; Ruben: 

I used to think that the most pain a baby girl could inflect on her daddy was to pull on a fist full of chest hair. And then she discovered my armpits.

09-19-10; Madelynne is officially crawling!  It's a whole new world!  She much prefers her brothers toys, especially the trains, and when they are playing with them, Madelynne makes her way over quite quickly!  I often hear the boys shouting, "MOMMMMM, CAN YOU PLEASE COME AND MOVE MADELYNNE!"  It makes me laugh right now!  Besides the trains, if she see's my phone or sun glasses, she can get to them pretty fast!  She crawls with one knee and one foot, so part bear crawl, part normal!  I'd say it's due to the wood and tile floors.

08-31-10; Her first tooth has poked through!  Lower left.  She's a bit miserable :( but hopefully it's all there soon!  She's really working that spot, probably wondering what the sharp intrusion is!

08-24-10; As long as the bottle is half full or less, Madelynne can hold the bottle on her own.

08-20-10; This was the first time she pulled herself up standing with no help.  Perhaps she'll walk before she crawls!

08-18-10; This was the first time I gave Madelynne cheerios. She loved them! I had been worried to give them to her because of choking, but they don't have the melt in your mouth puffs you can buy in North America over here. Anyway, it's new and interesting to her and she likes them! 

08-11-10; This was the first time I saw her get mad at her brothers, well get mad period over a toy.  Madelynne had a toy of Mason's, she was loving it, a plastic light sabor/sword thingy.  Mason took it away and boy did she make herself heard.  Mason felt bad and let her play with it!  :)

08-04-10; Sunday, July 4th Madelynne celebrated being able to sit all by herself!  She is so pleased with herself, it's cute!