Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 15th always means it's Tammia's birthday!

We were BF's since babies.
We did so much together.  Many a letter written to each other.  Shared our dreams.  Matured together. So many laughs.  BFF's.
Somehow, time has slipped by and I have not seen her for 6 years.

I never forget her birthday.

Our lives have changed, we've drifted apart, (good thing for FB and our blogs!) but in my mind, she's always a best friend and I simply miss her.

I picked up the sweet photo album she made for me after her wedding, I LOVE the poem at the front that she wrote for me.  I ended up going down memory lane taking photos of photos and loving the memories.  There are many more pictures, but this will do for now!

Again, I miss you Tammia!  Enjoy the memories.  Have a wonderful birthday.  Love you.


tjp said...

Oh, this is the sweetest. Thank you! I have the best memories of our growing-up-together-best-friendness. Seriously. And thank goodness our parents let us drive all over the country(ies) together in the days before cell phones with the music cranked. Makes me want to play some Rankin Family right now. All the laughing...and the photo shoots! And that was in the days before digital (I'm starting to sound like an old person). You picked a quite nice selection for your photo montage. We really seemed to have a knack for posing. And our weddings....loved everything about those days. Much love to you and miss you, too. Someday...we will meet somewhere and shop and eat and laugh and have all the fun we used to. Maybe even a photo shoot?

Angela said...

loved seeing the picts of you 2 together and fun times it looks like! What a sweet post.

tjp said...

Bye the way, those little chicks on the sides of your blog. Do you have those? Where did you get them? (I've been looking for them for a long time...)