Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Recent visitors

The Wilson's from down south came to visit.
Madelynne and baby Roy

Chase, Stuart, Nathan, Mason

And the Doak's from up north came to visit.  Carol is from NZ so that was a fun catch up.
John, Carol, Melvin and Ryan

One thing about living on the "lonely" side of Ireland is that we do get phone calls of travellers passing by.  LOVE IT!  We LOVE company, stop by any time! 

Glendeer Pet Farm

A few of us went to the Glendeer Pet Farm near Athlone for a few hours on a gorgeous day... we could actually take our coats off!!  :)
Nicola, Abby, Shirley, Gwen, Keith, Cynthia, Jonathan, Harry, Yvonne and us 4.
The animals were quite in your face, especially for 2 boys scared of dogs!!  Despite that, it was grand to have some adult conversation when possible and not running after Madelynne!  It was the first time she went down a slide alone and there was no stopping her after that!

Videos from Glendeer Pet Farm

Who knew we had fish in the house!

The boys have come a long way!  They have always loved to swim, but didn't like their heads under water, quite cautious.  Well that's out the window!  They are fish, heads under water, taking breaths when they are supposed to, swimming without help in the deep end, jumping into the deep end with out being caught and just simply loving it!  So we better get them signed up for the next level.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Another sleepless night, was interesting reading my post from last year, perhaps I'll always have a sleepless night on Aug 25th, reliving 2008.  when Hello means Good-bye

As I was going through the scrapbook I made for Esmee this morning, I felt I wanted to share the poem below.  It was passed on through a line of mom's who too have a big whole in their hearts from a lost baby.

I will always miss my baby like crazy, but yes, she is in the best place we can be.  Being near the water calms me and is when I like thinking of Esmee, so having a house right now beside the water is actually extra comforting.  

I'm freshly thankful that God will not put us through more than we can bare, and a lot of times I have a very hard time praying to be willing, scared of what is next.  But He has never let us down or left us alone, and we have been richly blessed through the difficult experiences.

I'm so thankful for the love and comfort from Above, from my husband, family and friends. I have nothing to complain about, I thank God for each one in my life every day, especially my dear Esmee Lynne.

Like last year, I wish I was in two places, so I could put new flowers on her grave...

A Baby's Message

I am just a little baby
And did not linger here;
I went straight to be with Jesus
And and waiting for you there.

Many dwelling here where I live
waited years to enter in;
Struggled through a world of sorrow,
And their lives were marred with sin.

So, dear parents, don't you sorrow,
I am not held in death's cold tomb.
I have gone to be with Jesus;
Wipe those tears and chase the gloom.

Thank you for the life you gave me,
It was brief but don't complain;
I have all of heaven's glory;
Suffered none of earthling's pain.

Thank you for the name you gave me;
I'd have liked to brought it fame -
Had I lingered in earth's shadows
Might instead have brought it shame.

Though you miss me, please remember -
I'm of all God's lambs most blest;
I'd have loved to stay there with you
But our Shepherd knew what was best.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


3 years ago today my heart stopped when at my weekly ultrasound, the OB could not pick up a heart beat, and hearing those horrible words, "Lori... this isn't good."  Then having to make the dreaded phone call to Ruben to tell him the news and have him come in.
I don't want to go on about this subject, as I know I've written about it a lot.
Just cuddling my living babies even more these days and missing our Esmee like crazy.
(Tomorrow is the date on her grave stone).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mother's Helper

Today the neighbor girl, Maeve who's 17, started as my mother's helper for a few hours twice a week.  And I'm soooo excited cause she is good!  Guess when you are #4 of 9 kids, you learn to clean and watch kids etc!  My bathrooms are spotless right now and that rates very high.  YAY!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Video's from the Traditional Irish evening at Bunratty Castle

Quality is not great, but still pretty awesome for a phone!


The boys will start school Sept 1st, in Junior Infants!  I still haven't figured out it's North American equivalent, as it's Junior Infants, Senior Infants and then 1st.  Junior Infants has 4 and 5 year olds.  I think the boys may be the biggest in their class and maybe the oldest!  But that's ok, plus they know no Irish so may as well start at the beginning!

Random Videos

Visit from Marti and Oscar

We were pleased to have Marti J from Sydney, AUS and her grandson Oscar from London come visit for a few days!  Besides hanging out here and at the park or walking around the village, we went to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, plus supper and good ole Irish entertainment there.  Then to Roundstone, what a drive it is to get there if you go the coast road... that may be the last time we take that road!  Some amazing beaches that I never expected to see in Ireland.  It will have to be next summer now when we can go back and enjoy them.  We went for a walk to the Light House that you can't get close to after all that walking.  :)  Then to Sole Therapy where little fish nibble on your feet.  That was LOVELY!!!!  Thanks for coming Marti and Oscar!  It was fun getting to know you, come back again! 
PS. Marti showed me a cool iPhone app, so you can tell I went a little crazy with it:)


One of my all time favorite pictures!  In Spiddal, Co. Galway.

The oddest place to see a left drive actual TRUCK
(don't see many here) and a Texas plate!

Perhaps the TX truck owner owns this store!

Gurteen Beach and Dogs Bay, Roundstone, Co. Galway.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bank Long Weekend

We went down in Stephanie and Hilliards in Co. Cork for the long weekend.  It was FANTASTIC.  We came away simply happy.  Made closer bonds with existing friends, made new good friends, time at the beach, and lots of kids to play with.  Good times, great fellowship.  We'll be back!

Beautiful view at the Tanner's

Cake for no reason but the boys wanting it for the girls!
Madelynne a bit to much help with Luke.  LOVE Chase in the back :)