Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have a little girl who LOVES horses and pony's.  She has 30+ horses and pony's, and absolutely loves the horses that graze in front of our house.  Even better, there is a foal to watch now.
These pony's go everywhere and can be found everywhere.  There is never a pony to far away to play with. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 days left

Only 3 days of school left, hard to believe!  They finally love school, only took 7 months to get to that point!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The boys, Alison and Lorna

We've quite lucked out having Alison on this side of the world, because when I cry out for help, she normally can come on back to Ireland and rescue us!  :)  Ruben was away to Asia, so Ali was able to come, and lovely Lorna B from Cork came up for a few days too!  We also had Laura A and Gillian B for a night!  You can tell Mason was sick in these pictures.  He ended up with 5 days of a high fever with no diagnosis as to why.  2 trips to the Dr and they had no clue either!  The best part, Daddy got to come home early!  Thanks for all the help and friendship ladies!
Picnic and play at Renville Park with Alison.
Alison driving first time in Ireland!
Trying on Lorna's platform heels!  I couldn't walk!
Photos courtesy of Lorna.

Miss Madelynne

Some more randoms of this sweet, sneaky, funny, lovable girl that loves to get into mischief!  Our personal hurricane in the house yet must be treated as a total princess!  (grin)

Half birthday...

We have never done the half birthday thing before, but for some reason, the boys had been asking for a couple months when they were going to be six-and-a-half.  So, I decided to copy the tradition some of you out there do and have a wee party!  It was a big deal to these awesome boys of ours!

We were lucky to have Alison and Lorna here since Daddy was in Asia.  We went for cupcakes downtown at Sweetie Pies Cake Cafe, it was fun to have afternoon tea and dig into cupcakes!  Poor Mason was not feeling good at all, but a cupcake helped!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Anniversary Tim and Mary-Louise!

19 years ago, yes n.i.n.e.t.e.e.n!! Where has time gone!
That means it's been 19 years since we were last in Hawaii, as my sis pined over her fiancĂ©, missing him oh so much :)
That means it's been 19 years since I graduated from Grade 12.
A lot happened this time of year 19 years ago!

Happy Anniversary my dear sister and bro-in-law.  Wishing you double this many years more!  Love you loads and miss you.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dog's Beach

The kids and I spent a mighty fine day with Nicola and Abby.  Perhaps the warmest one of the summer, as sad as it is to say that!!  We went to Clifden to have lunch with Noel and Madeline, then to Dog's Beach at Roundstone for water, beach and sun.  When there, you do not feel like you are in Ireland!  More like Cyprus or Greece... the water color, the rock, the almost white sand. No enhancements made to these pictures, the colors were brilliant!  We will be back... when the rain stops!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A quick getaway 3 of 3

Our last day was a total adventure, getting a taxi to the airport at 5AM, then hop on the airplane from London Heathrow to Glasgow, then a bus to get our car, then drive to the ferry stopping in Eyr at a park and soft play area, ride the ferry, and then the last 4 hrs of driving home.  We were in bed by 11:30PM.  These kids travel well, total troopers.  Yay!
The strand at Ayr.

Ruben relaxed and having fun + priceless!

Love this sign!  After each l'il village.

Tired girlie on the ferry.

Cool ball in Belfast

A quick getaway 2 of 3

Also on this quick trip was a side trip to London.  It's a long story as to why, but we had fun and really enjoyed being carefree and acting like a kid again at the adventure park!
I forgot how much I enjoy these parks and the rides :)  The boys really got into it, very few rides they couldn't go on.  The weather couldn't make up it's mind that day, went from sunny, no coat to freezing pouring rain.  It didn't stop us tho!

Madelynne actually loved this ride and keeps asking to go on it again :)