Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Adventure

I have more up-dates to put up between the last post and this, but thought I'd just add a quick one now of the now!
My parents are on their way to visit us!!  And if you know my hubby and how he loves road trips, when him and my father were planning this "surprise" visit (surprise didn't last long :)), Ruben decided we'd drive to London to pick them up!!
So here we are on another road adventure and the kids as always, are doing great, it's mommy who gets exhausted!  But Ruben is de-stressing, driving does that for him.
Friday after school we drove 50 minutes, checked out a car dealer, bought a car for Ruben, then kept going and finally arrived at our hotel in Rosslare 5 hours after leaving home!
Boys woke earlier than necessary, very excited for a ferry ride!
8:45 the Isle of Inishmore ferry set off and 4 hours later we were driving off the ferry in Pembroke, Wales.  The ferry was great the first 2 hours, there is a kids play area, children's theatre, games room, but come hour 3, they were ready to get off!
3 hours after that we were in Bath, England, but not soon enough to see the Roman Baths :(
Oh well, save that for another day.  A very cute city tho!  Stunning setting, surrounded by hills, very lush and green, just gorgeous.
After a walk around Bath, off to Chippenham for the night.
Sunday AM we got to a special tiny meeting just outside of Chippenham, then headed over to the Stonehenge.  I wasn't really interested to go, Ruben had been and thought I should go.  Once there, it's like, WOW, amazing.  Hearing the story behind it all and still to this day the big question on really why they went to all that effort to make it, verses all the speculation.... Anyway, I'm glad we went!
1 hour after that we were at our second home, the Sofitel at Terminal 5 at London Heathrow!  
Today Ruben is off working, we are hanging out in the hotel and have something hopefully exciting for the kids at 7PM... the London Eye!!  (Mommy wants to do this)
Then the most exciting thing, Papa and Bama arrive bright and early tomorrow!  We cannot wait!
I worry about the boys missing another 3 days of school, but really, they are getting way more education on this little jaunt!  And we will do our homework :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Daddy's office

Last post of the day!  The boys are very intrigued with Daddy's new office, just a couple more pictures!

Customer Serivce area, part of it...

A cool white chair

This chair is in the front entry of Daddy's work building.  Madelynne loves it.  We've been there a bit recently, and we always have to stop and swing around in this chair :)

All about Ruben

He'll be horrified, but this post is about my hubby!  He's put in A TONNE of time, energy, headaches, miles... into BioWare Ireland, the new facility, etc.  These pictures are from this past Monday, the opening of the new facility, where the Taoiseach Mr. Enda Kenny attended as well.  (Ireland's Prime Minister).  It's been a long time since I'd been to a social event like that with all the political folks and media.  Met the Mayor of Galway, she was very friendly, and had our picture with the Taoiseach, he is charismatic, makes you feel at ease and have a good laugh.  I'm curious to see those pictures when ever they show up. Also in these pictures are fellow Albertans, Ray and Greg, Co-Founders of BioWare, etc. 
I have to say, my hubby looked VERY handsome! :)

And pictures of Ruben in the magazine EDGE this month.

Recent photo favs

I absolutely adore this picture!

We saw this and thought of Uncle Ty, then saw the price tag and forgot about Uncle Ty :)

Being shy.

Pizza night while Daddy was working.

Crazies!  I actually bought these suckers for the plane, but forgot then as they were asleep.

Mason up close and personal.