Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just do nothing!

I had to take this link from another blog.  Thanks Damon!

It's amazing how even when relaxing, I need to be doing something, on my phone or on the internet or reading.  It's hard to sit and just do nothing.

I managed to do this, now you try it!  Do Nothing for 2 minutes

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stats - Madelynne

12/20/2010 at Madelynne's 1 Year Well Check

28.25 lb  99.67 %tile  (Birth weight 7.5 lb  25 %tile at 37.5 weeks)
31.75 in  99.22 %tile  (Birth height 19.9 in  57.44 %tile)
19 in head circ.  99.26 %tile  (Birth head circ. 13.9 in  53.89 %tile)

As you can see, she's thriving!  The boys weighed 35 lbs at their 1 year well check, wow.

She began to take a few steps Dec 1.  She was walking Jan 1st.  6 teeth.
Loves stairs up and down.
Her personality is sweet and funny.
She adores her Daddy.  His last trip, once home she would not let go of him!
Her best entertainment is her brothers.  She is lost when they are at school.
She loves to shop with Mommy.
In meeting, she'll stare you down until you look at her and smile.
She's a horrible sleeper.  Maybe one good night a month.
Favorite foods: yogurt, apples, avocado, toast and any baby food from Ella's Organics.  Since her birthday, she loves cake!  She doesn't like meat.
Has a big smile for those she knows.
The big brown eyes attract attention, even out and about with the boys who normally get all the attention.
She loves books and looking at pictures of herself.
She's got a bit of both Mason and Chase in her.  She's a monkey and a case!

Stats - Chase

12/06/10 at Chase's 5 Year Well Check

70 lb  99.94 %tile
48.75 in  99.95 %tile

Chase is the case in our family.
Loves to tell a BIG story.  He has a good memory.
He's listening to any talking behind his back!
He's our very tender hearted boy.
Even though he enjoys the outdoors, he really loves coloring, painting, crafts, school activities, baking.
He's computer savvy without help.
He's a little mother to Madelynne, a bit smothering but yet she loves it!  He carries her here and there, goes and talks to her when she's crying in the crib, readily volunteers to sit by her in the van to be my helper.
Loves food...
Loves manly outings with Daddy.
The twins still get attention ALL the time when out and about.  Super friendly, says hi and miss you to anyone!!  (Take after Papa?!)

Likes to take the lead when playing meeting.  Very few are forgotten in his prayers at night.
Close as ever with Mason, so lost without him when he's in the hospital due to asthma.
He's my snuggler at night, loves his back tickled.

Stats - Mason

12/06/10 at Mason's 5 Year Well Check

60 lb  99.39 %tile
48 in  99.78 %tile

Mason is the monkey in this house.  He's active, yet very good on the computer too, picks up games quickly and without help.
Loves to build things whether with wood or baking.
Asthma is a new thing this year to us with Mason, scary disease.
He is smart with Madelynne.  If she has his toy, one he wants, he'll entice her with another toy and then get his.  He is very attentive to her needs, yet not so in her face.  He loves to make her laugh.
Still completely bonded with Chase.  They are sooooo close and in tune with each other.
He picks up letters and numbers quickly, writes his name his own way each time!  It starts with M but then is a varity of letters and numbers...
He likes to stay up late and sleep in.
Loves manly outings with Daddy.
The twins still get attention ALL the time when out and about.  Super friendly, says hi to everyone!!  (Take after Papa?!)
He's hard to correct because of the face he pulls on me when he says sorry.  Cracks me up, grrr!
Completely ticklish so he's hard to snuggle with!

Precious moment

I love it when...

Miss Madelynne is sleeping, I kiss her forehead 

and whisper... I love you

and always it puts a smile on her face!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ruben is just about home from Ireland, we'll head to the airport soon, happy happy joy joy!  Madelynne is feeling heaps better, the boys had fevers last night, but nothing else and just like normal today.  Maybe molars?

A couple things about Madelynne.  1) I found out yesterday that she can go down the stairs now too!  I haven't spent much time showing her.  I wondered how she had gotten back down, and it wasn't her over zealous brothers!  So I put her up the stairs a bit and down she came!  Oh boy!  2) She loves hanging out in the front foyer.  She brings a toy or two, usually a ball, goes up and down the stairs and finds where ever the sun beams are coming in and sits in the sun!  It's quite cute!

(Right when I was about to press post, she fell back on the hard tile floor... first fall going down the stairs and unfortunately probably not the last!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday lunch

Who my hubby had lunch with today, lucky guy!  This was in Galway, later Ruben went up to Clifden for Gospel Meeting.  He's been gone since Wednesday and will be back this Wednesday, boy have we missed him!

Meanwhile back in Texas, we stayed home all day, Madelynne has been very sick with a virus since Thursday, even took her to the ER that night, worried about dehydration... She's still a long way from being better, poor thing.  Supposedly this virus hangs on for a good week. :(  I'll spare you the details of it!!!  Grandma Mary came for two nights and Kimmie is here for 2 nights, and I'm so grateful!  I've completely neglected my boys, so this way they get lots of attention!


Friday, January 7, 2011

That's my boys

Each day the boys go to preschool, they come home with sheet's all about their day.  There's a place at the bottom for general comments from the teacher.

This past Wednesday I had to laugh as it really explains the boys to a T!!

Mason's said: "Mason enjoyed playing outside today."

Chase's said: "Chase liked having snack today."


Monday, January 3, 2011

Video Page

So I finally figured out how to get some video's on here.  See the video tab and enjoy!  I really really really need to remember to NOT talk while Ruben is filming!  I so don't like the sound of my voice!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gabriela's house!

Dec 31st

We finally went and saw Rachael and Dane's awesome beautiful new house down by Dripping Springs.  Besides the house, the new Gator was a big hit for the kids!  We are surprised that the boys haven't asked for one since leaving their house as they loved it so much!

Gabriela driving

Mason driving

Chase driving 

Grandma and Grandpa

Dec 25th
Unfortunately these pictures were taken with my phone and with light over exposing the 2nd picture... but all the same, they are cute!  
We love you Grandma and Grandpa!