All about Mason

06-21-11: Mason pulled out his first tooth!!!

Mason: "Daddy, look at all the stars!"
Chase: "Daddy, can we go to the stars? Please!"
Daddy: "You can go there in your imagination."
Chase: "Can you come too Daddy?!"
Daddy: "Yes. I can come too."
And so Daddy and his boys are packing their bags tonight...


Chase:"daddy, what's this?"
Daddy:"that's my chest hair."
Mason:"does it keep you warm?"

The boys were "scared" going to bed.  Ruben says, remember who lives in your heart, you don't need to be scared, "yes daddy, God and Jesus".  Then Ruben says to Mason, remember in the hospital when you and daddy were scared?  "Yes, when you snored like a dragon daddy?"  (BTW, he said this in the hospital too, the nurses loved it!

08-20-10; This scary night, at 11pm Ruben took Mason into emergency at the Galway University Hospital.  He had an acute asthma attack, ended up in ICU until Sunday afternoon and then allowed home Monday afternoon. See blog posting for more details.  We hope he never has to go through that again.  Mason was the sweetest patient and the ICU staff, well all the staff just loved him.

01-08-10: Mason said in the car, "Our best friends are our brothers and sisters." Very sweet :)

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Molly said...

Oh no! So glad he is alright! We miss you all very much. Thanks for sharing everything! It's so much fun to keep up with yall. So many beautiful pictures! Love you.