Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Papa!

I always feel very lucky in the Dad department.  I know I have the best Dad for me, one that even today, I can still look up to and be forever thankful for his choices, standard, faith, love and on the lighter side, his humor and enthusiasm!

The grand kiddies feel pretty lucky to have you as a Papa too.  You are very well loved!

Have a fabulous day Pops!  Happy Birthday!

Hee hee, we have a father who can always tell a good story!  :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013


January started out with the big drive back from Alberta.
A stop at Mount Rushmore National Park. Second time was a charm.  First time a couple years ago, it was socked in, could not see anything.  Highly recommend!
Ice cream with Uncle Jerry and Aunt Angie in Norman.
Park time.  Play time.  Eating time.
A Princess birthday party for Lola.
A going away potluck for Jerica.
The month ended in Houston, that will be on another post!

Side note: lower right photo... the boys watching daddy in the cop car!  Speeding ticket in Nebraska :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Settlers and St Pats

No, neither have anything to do with each other, but it just worked out that way!  Ruben had another Settlers of Catan tourney at our house Saturday afternoon, and since the spouses and families would come later for supper, I decided to make it a GREEN party too!  And since there are some special folk in this area that came all the way to visit us in Ireland, they came to the party too :)
It was a really great evening.  Food food and more food!  Brisket, ribs, sausage were Texan, but then Irish soda bread, cheese ball flag, rainbow fruit with bucket of gold at the end (rolo's), pistasscio salad, potato salad, veg tray with green dip, green bean casserole, kale salad, guac and chips... what am I missing?!  Then for dessert, the awesome cupcakes April decorated, 4 types of icecream, tray bakes representing the north and south of Ireland and apple pie!
I had fun turning the house into looking like Ireland villages with the green white and orange pennant flags stringing from pole to pole!
Ireland has just a wee :) bit of a special spot in our hearts, so from now on, I have a feeling there will be a St Pats party each year!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break 2012

While I have a lot to catch up on, I figure I may as well try to keep up with the present at the same time... sorry if it gets confusing!
Spring break was busy and fun!  No rest!
The boys went to a Marital Arts Camp, along with their buddies Benjamin, Jettison and Angela.  On Thursday they could bring a friend, so Lisi, Linnaea, Elizabeth and Abigail joined them.  Boy they had fun!  At the bottom of this post are some links to videos of the kids breaking boards.  Please ignore my horrible voice!!
Today we went to Kiddie Acres.  It's as old as the hills, tiny, completely rusted up... but... Perfect!!!  A great 2 hours of rides and mini golf.  Ranetta and her kids, Karolyn, Makenna and Colton joined us.  Again, they had fun!
I'd say Spring Break was a success!

Mason breaking a board
Chase breaking a board
Linnaea breaking a board
Elizabeth breaking a board

Cute enough?

Taken this morning.  I say to Madelynne, "Is this picture cute or what?"  She goes "what.  That's not cute!"  This girl is too smart... "what"!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Christmas Vacation in photos Part 2

At our cousins house in High River now.
Really awesome to see Luis from Argentina!  Plus Janelle and her kids, Dennis and ____(help!)

These 3 love the snow, and hot chocolate!
Another typical Lewis breakfast!

I love me sister big time!
Pincher Creek area... a bit dirty snowish!

In Papa and Bama's basement bathroom, getting hair done for meeting!

Us (love!)

Madelynne loved playing with Avery too!

Getting dinner ready and posing!

Yum yum Tim Horton's and time at Jessica and Kevins!

Ponies ponies everywhere!
Supper at Uncle Gerald and Aunty Marlene's

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

Mom and Jayme have fun writing on this turkey :)

The boys got to ski for the second time at Castle Mountain.  They still love it!
In deep conversation with Papa!

Just hanging out at the bottom of the stairs!

Spot Bama?!

Always interesting to see who's on the fridge!

A sweet good-bye message from Jayme!
Daddy said he noticed mommy gained weight.  So we sat on him :)

Mexican train excitement for New Years eve!
Too tired to get in the car to head back to Texas.

One last picture before leaving.
Thank-you Papa and Bama and ALL!  We love you!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Christmas Vacation in photos Part 1

Such a welcome site, but this is when the "are we there yet"
questions start up, and it's still 3 hours away!
The boys first request... noodles for breakfast :)
Mason singing with Bama
Fuzzy pictures but too fun not to share :)
Our cousins have arrived!!

Getting reacquainted, Madelynne all shy!

Snowmobiling pictures... I just like Ruben's face!

The boys completely LOVING spending time with Avery.
A couple presents Christmas morning, birthday presents for my sister,
and my sisters kids finding out their surprise to go on a cruise :)  Blurry pictures :(

Pancakes and icecream, a Lewis staple!
Lefse, a Hagen staple!

Christmas dinner, and stuffing, yum yum yum!

Happy Birthday to the best sister a girl could ask for!

White elephant and some fabulous faces!
Many hours the kids did this!

Oh lefse, how I love you!  Even if 2 months later I still haven't lost the weight you made me gain.

Freezing cold windy day... what to do?  Home movies and slides!