Friday, December 31, 2010

Birthday at Grandma and Grandpa's

On Dec 24th we had a birthday party for Madelynne and Grandma.  This time Madelynne thoroughly enjoyed herself!  Once I figure out how to load video's, you'll see just how much she loved it!   Her brothers were quite the helpers.... :) She loved the attention, the cake, the wrapping paper and the presents!  She LOVES Timmy from Timmy Time, so that is who is on her cake.  When she see's her stuffed Timmy, she says "baaahhhh!"  Not what you normally see on a one year olds cake, but it suited her!  :)  Grandma's cake was skor bar triffle with a flower in it :)


Madelynne's First Birthday

Dec 17, 2010
She was one sick girl, poor baby!  So she wasn't really into it, just made a quick cake knowing the real one would be a week later.  At least when she dug into the cake she had a smile on her face!  She's such a sweetheart, even when sick!

Just like 39 minutes...

Under water.

Ok, you can laugh now... Dad's joke, we'd hear it every year!!

We love you so much!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seriously now :)

I have the best sister ever, I wish I could celebrate her 37th with her this year!
Have an ultra special day this year, may you be spoilt by one and all!  I love you heaps sis!

The Woman I Call Sister
by Marissa Gertmenian

The woman I call sister
Is someone who is there
The woman I call sister
Is someone who always cares.

The woman I call sister
Can make me smile when times are blue
The woman I call sister
Is someone very true.

The woman I call sister
By choice, is my best friend
The woman I call sister
Will be there till the end.

The woman I call sister
Is the blessing from God above
The woman I call sister
Is the sister that I'll always love.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Our baby is 1!

 Wow, is it for real?!!!  Our sweet pea / sweetie pie / dolly / pumpkin / princess Madelynne Elena is ONE YEAR OLD today!  The poor dear is miserable with a cold, yet smiles through it all!

Just remembering a year ago, so many emotions!  
-Going into labor 2.5 weeks early (okay fine - guess baby is ready!)
-needing an emergency C due to no amniotic fluid (no fluid - weird - water didn't brake)
-hearing "it's a GIRL!" (YAY! How special!) 
-Dr telling me the cord was wrapped around her neck once (not what I wanted to hear because of Esmee...)
-Dr telling me that there was a "mass" on her arm and not to be alarmed (are you kidding? completely scared out of my wits now)  
-getting to hold Madelynne for the first time and falling deeper in love with the baby I'd come to know the last 9 months (tears, happiness, seeing how beautiful she was)
-seeing the "mass" for the first time (choke)
-watching Daddy bond with his baby girl (choke - so sweet)
-showing Madelynne off to her brothers (choke - 2 excited boys!)

And so much has happened since these moments.  To keep a long story short, Madelynne is thriving in every way, no tumors have come back and we'll continue to monitor it with MRI's every 6 months until she's about 5 years old when the Drs and us would feel comfortable.

Madelynne you are an absolute blessing to our family, we love you soooo soooo much!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Party in Pictures!

The boys had a fantastic birthday at Pump It Up!  It was so nice to just show up with cake and food, and leave without cleaning up!  A good time was had by all, including the parents!

Thank you for sharing the celebration
And being part of our special day!
Thank you for being a great friend
In every possible way!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One of my favorite pictures!

little musicians

On Sunday, Dec 5th, we stayed at Russ and Andrea's for lunch after meeting.  They got this picture of Trevin and Madelynne at the piano.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Now to just video tape it one day.  Especially to catch Madelynne as she wiggles her bottom as she plays. :) 

Thankful on Turkey Day

Thursday, Nov 26 to Friday, Nov 27
We spent Thanksgiving with Ruben's family at his parents house in Kenedy, TX.  It was a lovely turkey dinner, then we had another early family birthday party for the boys.  Texas lost to A&M :( but there's always next year!  I attempted to get up early for Black Friday sales, have experts Christy and Marisa show me how it's done, but yet again I didn't get up at 4AM!  Maybe next year.  Thank-you Mary and Carlos for another special Thanksgiving!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Dec 2, 2010

I'm finding it hard to believe the boys are already 5!  How time has flown, yet wow, what a crazy 5 years it has been!  We've loved every moment, even the sleepless/exhausting/draining moments, but you forget all that as they are such precious boys!  We have loved watching the twin bond build and build, it's amazing.  I will try to post things about each one that makes them unique.  
Mason and Chase, we are so blessed to have you, we love you so much!  Happy 5th Birthday!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Granny Lewis

On November 9th, 2010, our dear Granny Mary Lewis passed away.  She was 94 years old.  Granny and Granddad embraced the gospel in 1945, and because of it we have so so much to be thankful for and now accountable for.  I'll miss our fits of giggles and remember the songs she used to sing to us, stories told and one-liners!  She will always have a special place in our hearts.  A word to describe Granny is regal, but she wouldn't like that as she was so humble.  Also graceful, loving and had unfeigned faith.  There is so much more I could write, I will another day, but just wanted to add this now.  We took 2 weeks off and drove up to the funeral.  2000 miles each way!!!  It was so nice to be with the family and extended family.  I love you all!
Oct 2004

July 2010
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