Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Busy Bees

Wayyyy back in July :) we got to have some special playtime, one last time, at Busy Bees.  These sweet kids were in the boys Junior Infant class.  The boys were asking to write some letters to them yesterday morning!  These kids mum's became very good friends too.  Loved the Oranmore community and family.  Really miss them.

The mum's...

The kids!  LOVE THESE PICTURES even though they are horrible iPhone pictures!  Check out the awesome expressions!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hard work

A visual of the big job it is to move overseas... I know it's nothing new to some of you, but it was good to reminisce through these photos.  Currently dealing with the pain of unpacking the few boxes they forgot in our garage and organizing everything else that was dumped out of the boxes!  It's been 2 weeks since our gorgeous container arrived at our house here in TX and I'm still sooo far from having the house set up.  Sigh!  The piano was quite the adventure to get into the container.  But it made it!  Held my breath on both ends regarding the piano!
If only our furniture could talk and let us know how the boat rides went, and customs, and the train ride... Good times for it!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bluebell Woods

Just a visual of where we lived, now that we don't actually live there!
It's not "over the hills and through the woods" but it is "right at the Spar, and through the salmon coloured houses and once you see Galway Bay turn left!"
Fabulous memories and with 3 levels and our master bedroom on the top, the stairs were both a pain and good exercise!

High tide
Low tide and sunset

A village called Oranmore

This village was home for a year and a bit, I wish I could find such a village in North America... I'm sure it's out there somewhere!
Why did I love it?  The view, the people (uber friendly), the private owned shops, the boutiques, everything in walking distance, the city just a quick drive away, the ocean air, the different playgrounds, the small quaint family owned restaurants, always knowing someone and having a wee chat when walking or in a shop, the "safe" feeling, the view...  I've probably forgotten a few things!  Amazing enough, the rain didn't bother me much!  The speedy driving, no rights for a pedestrian and lack of dog owners picking up their dog poop were the biggest things that bothered me.

Top row: border up houses get painted up and still look good, lovely planters n the bridge, chinese take-out place probably once a week (lol!), Slan meaning Bye.
2nd row: Welcome to Oranmore Village, General Store owned by same man for years, main st shop, and more main st shops.
3rd row: Ivy covering a house, sheep sheep and more sheep, family owned pub, sign to Maree, we lived off this road.
4th row: Scoil Mhuire where the boys went, lovely flower shop, grave yard, Brewery pub.

Houses in Ireland

Back in 2011 I posted this link.

I continue to LOVE houses inside and out.  Even though the houses in Ireland were basically boring plain shapes as walls are all concrete, they really knew how to spruce up the outsides; mix old with new, add texture and add bright COLOR!  The houses were a lot of eye candy for me, I wouldn't mind going out for a drive because not only was the scenery always gorgeous, but I could ogle at houses!

Oh, and we found a house that screamed my name!  Not the colonial style I drew up in college days but I could make some additions :)  (no I wouldn't add columns to this house that is art!)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

July back in Ireland

Finally an up-date!  Here is the rest of July, back in Ireland, in pictures!  I must say, it's making me home sick... truly enjoy being here in Texas because of family and friends, but I miss everything about Ireland. It simply stole our hearts!  Ok, more updates sometime!
Agnus and Jody over for Chinese food.  Love them and miss them!

Taking some Father's Day pictures, a week later...
Mason ended up in A&E because of an asthma attack on the actual Father's Day.

Madelynne loved the baby horse :)  The foal would nudge her hair, Madelynne would giggle!

Faces painted on the last day at Funtastic Camp.

Last time at our favorite Renville Park.  Madelynne quite strong to push the "cage".

At a park in Loughrea with Abby.  We miss you ABBY!!!

Love the Safe Home signs... and the reminders on which lane to drive! 

Date night at Cava, our favorite Spanish Tapa's restaurant.  SOOOOO yummy!
The photo of Ruben and I is at the Spanish Arch in Galway City.

Random photos driving through Galway City.  I LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH!

Tried to make jello worms... experiment failed :)

In Spiddal, some of our favorite craft shops here.  And the pizza.... oh so good!

CeardLann Crafts in Spiddal.

A fabulous family, the Lowe's in Adare. The girl Arianna is from England.

Headed to Doolin through the Burren for a boat ride to the Cliffs of Moher.

The majestic Cliffs of Moher.  Was lovely to see them from the water.  Wow! 

Driving along the coast road are more cliffs you can wander out on and explore.

Driving home after the Cliffs.

We could never get enough of our view and loved the horses that grazed in the field.  This was good for us!

Last lunch with Noel and Madeline.  Love them!