Friday, May 27, 2011

The last month in a post

Thinking about catching up on this blog makes me put off even starting to up-date it!  So much has happened since mid April and it hasn't been until this week that I've actually been on a computer, big withdrawals!
This has been our life since mid April and I cannot wait for the day these suitcases are put away for a good long time!  I will catch up with pictures on here... just probably not any time soon!  So what's happened?

- Packed up our house
- Container has actually just arrived in Ireland and is in customs.
- Lived out of a hotel for a week while packers/movers came and all the last minute stuff.
- Took off to Ireland, stopping in London for a night.  Missed the royal wedding by a day, we regretted to not accept our invitation... :)
- Moved into our temp house back in Renville Village, Oranmore, Co. Galway.
- Started the house hunt.  That was alot harder than expected, there was not much to choose from with our criteria!  But we did find the house and are very pleased with it!
- Even though it was sad to vacate the Texas couches in meeting, it felt good to be sitting in our couch spots in Ireland!  Both places feel like home.
- Lots of play time and some sight seeing.
- Moved out of temp house and into permanent house for 2 years.
- May 23rd after being held up an hour due to locked airspace for President Obama to land, we started our journey back to Austin.  Flight leaving London was late too so missed flight from Chicago to Austin and stayed the night in Chi-town.  I was okay with it as it was all ready 2 AM to us...
- May 24th we made it to AUS.  Ran errands, got mail and made our way to Ruben's folks.
- And May 25th, the whole purpose of this trip, I had my USA Citizenship interview!  I passed and now we wait for the Oath Ceremony.

When Ruben and I walked into the waiting room of the Immigration Centre, we just started to laugh out loud.  I was the only one not Hispanic!  The room was full and very little english was being spoken.  When my name was called, there were alot of surprised faces, as most probably assumed it was Ruben who had the appointment!  My very kind US Immigration Officer had such a strong spanish accent, I had to keep asking her to repeat herself, I felt bad!  Also outside the window behind the officer, was a tiny little restaurant with a huge sign, called "Spanky's!"  How am I to keep a straight face??  Anyway, lots of memories.  One day I'll post the civics questions I was asked and see if you get them right :)  I got the first 6 right, so don't know what the last 4 would have been.  My sentence to read to test my reading english ability was "Which State has the most people?"  My sentence to write to testmy writing english ability was "California has the most people."  Didn't have to do the other 2 questions getting the first ones right...........

We've been at Grandma's and Grandpa's getting spoilt. We'll be in Austin all next week, excited to catch up with our friends while Ruben works.  When we go back... not yet sure!  If I can't get an eariler Oath Ceremony, it will be the end of June.
Leaving Austin back in April.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happiness is...

One thing that makes me extremely happy this Mother's Day is seeing how much our children absolutely adore and love each other! The boys are so tight, yet are so good with Madelynne, she isn't ignored or a third wheel. Madelynne has always been able to tell them apart and is now starting to say their names. So sweet. She couldn't be bothered with her toys, it's whatever her brothers have! These 3 are a true blessing! (not forgetting our precious Esmee this day either!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We made it!

Just a quick post from Ruben's mobile to say we made it! We have settled into our temp house, which is across the street from Eoghan, the boys friend. The reunion of the 3 was pretty sweet, Eoghan missed them too! We've also spent the last couple days with Laura and Julie. I am SO grateful for their help and being here! We are really going to miss them as they head to preps now. The boys and Madelynne were very excited too to have them here :) Now the house hunting begins... Yay!