Saturday, February 23, 2013

Heart broken

My Journey Home < Coreen's blog link
My heart is breaking right now for this little family and all those who loved her.  But thankful for her beautiful example and faithful finish.  Coreen's words on her blog that have encouraged me so much:

I know... some of you may be thinking that I must already have brain metastases, but I assure you this is real. I am not unaware that there are some very real and terrible realities. I have a husband I love dearly and two beautiful children and it brings tears just writing this. BUT I also have a very real hope. I don’t believe God ever takes away, but that He gives back more. Me, I am going on to better things (with the help of Heaven). My family; God will take care of you. I promise.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Table time... One good rectangle!

Finally, a post about Christmas time!  We drove 80 hours total to go up to Canada to be with my family.  Worth the drive completely!

My first post is on something that as a kid I did not appreciate near as much as I do now.  (In fact many a time I probably protested a bit to loudly!)  A place where we would sit and visit for hours.  Many a folk were guests at that table.  Without a doubt it's in the high hundreds the number of guests that have sat there.  Great fellowship, bonds being made, memories being made.  Whether with family, chosen family, friends and sometimes complete strangers.  Also should add in great food too!  I have countless memories from around the table from my youth.  It was a big deal to our extended family and many others we know.

Nothing changed about this on this trip.  
I LOVE sitting around that dining room table.  
It was cold out so no reason to rush and go anywhere.  
We visited for hours around that table. 
We'd laugh until we cried.
We'd pick on each other as siblings get to do.
Young ones, middle age ones and kind-of :) older ones.
Table and food prepared with care and love.
Family and fellowship.

Thank-you mom and dad.  I hope our children have the same kind of memories from our house.

As for the "One good rectangle" part of the title on this post...
Since coming home after Christmas, I started reading 7 Keys to Comprehension, How to Help Your Kids Read It and Get It!  I came across this part and couldn't agree more.  And as a side note, I really need to work harder on less game and computer time with the kids.  We are really picking up on the books and reading.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

December 2012, part 3

My Little Pony party for Madelynne

Oh her facial expressions!  I didn't know those candles were impossible to blow out...

Another cupcake on her actual birthday,.
Lunch at Chez Z

December 2012, part 2

Great surprise to see Miles and Rohini!
Round Rock Family night

Grandma and Madelynne celebrating together

Fun cakes to make

Settlers of Catan tournament

Madelynne loves her new bedding :)

Some of Chase's journal entries.

Trail of Lights

December 2012, part 1

Wow, what a BUSY month it was!  Busy is an understatement really.  I've finally sorted through pictures and have only edited up to before we left to Canada for Christmas!
What happened in December...  the boys birthday... Round Rock Family XMas Night... a Settler's tournament... a family birthday party for Grandma Mary and Madelynne... catching up with friends from Calgary... Madelynne's birthday... Old Settlers Park Trail of Lights... school parties... lunch with great friends... on up to Canada, a very long drive... special special time with my folks, sister, bro-in-law and family, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends... surprises... sweet fellowship... skiing... lots of visits at the dining room table... ear infections... sinus infections... lefse... my sisters birthday... my folks anniversary... I know I'm probably missing something!
It was just awesome!  All the cake was a bit tough on the waistline tho!
The photos will be in a few posts!  Here goes!

Mason's class party for his birthday.  I missed getting pictures in Chase's class :(
Cupcakes for school.  When making for 2 classes, it's alot!