Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Video time

Good morning!  It took all night to load to youtube, but I have some more videos to post for interested family and friends!  Note... that video quality is quite lacking, sorry if it makes you motion sick!!

Madelynne with some VERY high heeled Red Shoes!

Boys pirate birthday party, Arrgh!

Boys singing Happy Birthday to Madelynne.

Madelynne blowing out breakfast birthday candles.

Some cool XMas hats.

Birthday party with Abby.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Two" "Dos"

How is it that my baby has turned two?  Or as she prefers to say, "Dos!"
Her first mini party was with Papa and Bama, blowing out the candle was a bit scary.
The second mini party was with Aunty Laura and Aunty Julie before they left till mid January.  Candles were getting interesting.
On the morning of her birthday, we had to keep re-lighting the candle since she was having so much fun blowing it out!
She lucked out that the BioWare Children's Holiday Party was the same day, so a fun time was had at Busy Bees with a bunch of other kids and Santa was there too, which the boys liked but not Madelynne!
Today after meeting we had her good friend Abby, Abby's mummy, daddy and Uncle Clinton stay for lunch.  Unfortunately Madelynne was sick with a tummy bug allllllll day.  But she cheered up for blowing out more candles and opening presents and a little bit of fun.  You'd never know she was really sick from the pictures!
I'm really looking forward to this year with Madelynne.  She has so much character and constantly surprises me with what she comes up with and is very good natured.  She knows what she wants and is adored by us all!  She's constantly getting in the middle of her brothers, and she is very much a Daddy's girl.  I still get plenty of loves and snuggles, I'm not left out :) It's going to be a fun year!  Love this girlie to the moon and back and more!
Party with Laura and Julie

Breakfast Party

At Busy Bees

Dora party with Abby

Friday, December 2, 2011


How did this happen?  My boys are 6 today!
I really need to write about them individually, but soooo tired after today!
The boys wanted a pirate party, they got one!
We "walked the plank", played "sleeping crocs" and "musical islands", had pizza and cake, then finished with a treasure hunt.
14 kids was a bit over zealous... lesson learned!  But they all had fun and I loved watching them have fun.  My friend Sinead who's boy is in the same class helped me out, sure needed her with them all.  Ruben hid in his man cave!
We had 3 cakes this year!  I thought I'd go easy and order one.  Then my conscience got me yesterday thinking they can't share a cake.  So I went and bought 2 little sponge cakes and decorated them this morning so they had their own cakes to blow out!

The two boys are just... ahhh.... how to put it without bragging... simply put... I'm just so proud of who they've become, love them to bits.

I tired to look piratey... but I think I look frazzled!
 And so that I have my treasure hunt clues documented, here they are.


Ahoy, look where you sleep

But go quietly… don’t make a peep

There under the sky so blue

I’m happy to say is clue #2


Yo Ho, look where you bath

Be careful not to swashbuckle or splash

Is the message washed ashore

Or was it left behind the door?

It is free me matey’s, so go find clue #3.


Walk down the hall and on down the stairs

Arrr me matey’s, you must

find the room that has magic dust.

Be careful, no slamming doors

and you will see clue #4.


Toys arrrrrr here, toys arrrrrr there,

Toys arrrrrr everywhere.

Find me a good place to dive

And you’ll discover clue #5.


A pirate likes a warm flame

Surrounded by books and games

Warm up your hands

Clue #6 is not in the sand.


If me matey’s dare

Go down the stair

Find me some booties

Clue #7 will be under ye footies!


Me matey’s arrrrr hungry for some grub

But first me dishes could use a big scrub

It is when scrubbing the plates

You’ll find clue #8.


Ahhh, me matey’s arrrrr smart

You’ve found 7 clues, now to find ancient art

It’s the MAP ye so badly need

Ye may find it where pirates can have a good feed.

Where to start...

So much has happened since the last post!
But for now, I'm going to jump to today with a new post.
Stay tunned!