Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aunty Gwen

For the past week my thoughts have constantly gone back to thinking of Aunty Gwen.  Her funeral is tomorrow.  Thinking of the long and hard fight she fought with cancer.  Thinking of Uncle Neil missing his soulmate. Thinking of Jonathan, Jennifer and Jocelyn missing their mom.  Even though it is sweet release after the battle she fought, it's still his wife, their mom...

The day I found out about Aunty Gwen's passing, I read this blog of sweet Kohlie. Three Years Ago  It was 3 years to the day of Aunty Gwen passing due to cancer, that little Kohlie passed away from cancer.  I couldn't sleep that night.

Why?  Well... every day I worry that the tiny spot of cancer they found in the mass on Madelynne's arm when she was born, would return.  It scares me like crazy.  Yet I know anything can happen to any of us, we can't control every part of life.  But still, she's my baby and I worry and want her to have a healthy cancer free life.

Aunty Gwen called over a year ago, just before she had to go through yet more chemo and radiation, very tired and having a hard time wanting to fight anymore.  She was so concerned for Madelynne, I will always remember our long conversation because it meant a lot to me.  I know she kept up on Madelynne's health through my parents, and I know she was praying for Madelynne.

Being hours and Provinces apart, our families weren't overly close, but there is a lot of love :). It was always fun watching her chase after my brother to give him a welcome or good-bye kiss.  It makes me laugh just thinking of it now, Tyson squealing his head off!  I was always a bit envious of how she did Jennifer and Jocelyn's hair when they were little, lots of hairspray, very cute!  And their frilly dresses... Her voice was always happy, lots of expression.  

The picture was taken Oct 1, 2004, the night before our wedding.  Sad to say this is the last time we saw them... perhaps it's time for a Hagen reunion so that we have an excuse to get to BC to see that side of the family!  Great memories from every Christmas in BC with our Hagen relies.

My thoughts will be at the Glen Valley convention grounds in British Columbia, at 10AM PST tomorrow, Thursday July 28th.  Wish we could be there.  Sending lots of love to Uncle Neil and my cousins, etc.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Visitors Welcome!

I've had 2 teenage girls Yvonne and Caroline helping me this week and it's been lovely!  Madelynne doesn't even need me!  So I have been plugging away getting things organized. (We've had fun too as when you have help you can go have fun too!) Things are not quite right yet, but we can handle company, so come on over for tea and/or the night!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting set up

Hello!  We are back in Ireland, it's been a bit crazy.  But we got 4 wonderful much needed days at Antrim convention, stayed with Kari (Ausenhus) and Nigel and their sweet twins Sine and Lily.  We are thrilled to have Laura and Julie back in this field again!  But we'd be thrilled with whomever... we just know them a bit :)
Now the sorting and setting up house has begun.  It hasn't been easy with a wee one joined at my hip... so slow and steady we will get organized!

My view as I post...