Friday, January 25, 2013

November 2012

I'll take these boots mummy!

Looking at big trucks etc at Old Settlers Park.
Boys bliss.

Beautiful fall colors along Via Sonoma.

First time to vote in the USA!  And Chase's vote :)

Sunday and Mighty Fine Burgers!

Texas verses Toronto and basically all Canadian players :)

Boy first birthday cake with family.
Yummy Thanksgiving 2012!

Mason trying on Grandpa's boots; family all standing the same :)

Some fun on Grandma and Grandpa's gate.

Gymnastics... 3 months later and still not digging it!

Games with Uncle Tallas.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

October 2012

A late birthday present to our buddy Trevin!
Their costumes arrived, 2 excited boys!
A little of this and that.
Madelynne loves bubbles!

Our beautiful hunk of metal arrived!  Finally our own stuff and a big mess!
If only our furniture could talk, going across the Atlantic twice...
 trunk, train and boat!
Baby chicks and cake at the Clarke's!

A pumpkin patch in Elgin that I really can't recommend!

Papa and Bama have arrived!
Yes the pictures are blurry but I like the emotion in them!

Testing out their new bow and arrows!  Lots of mileage out of these so far!

Supper at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Mesa Rosa.

Date night with my hubby in San Antonio, my first night EVER to sleep
away from all the kids and first from Madelynne!!

The grandparents brought the kids in to San Antonio to hang out with us.

The kids got to stay with us the next night and we loved the carriage ride!

Halloween 2012!

Possibly my most favorite picture of 2012.  Precious isn't it!  :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

September 2012

Grandparents Day lunch at school!

BBQ lunch with Gma and Gpa in Lockhart.

Life in general and always losing the same tooth!

August 2012

Madelynne LOVES her dolly from Madeleine!
Play time!
First day of school!
Grandma and Madelynne playing!

Cousin Gabriela's birthday party at the Little Gym!
Happy 6th Birthday Cuz!

Our little... diva :)

Haircuts and proudly wearing their Wildcats shirts!

Visiting Esmee's grave.  4 years now.