Monday, February 21, 2011

Professional Picture Time!

02.17.11 - Well, it was high time... we missed the boys school pictures and Madelynne hadn't had any professional taken since last January!
So after 2 hours and 244 pictures taken, it was really hard to settle for just a few!  But this is what we got!  I kind of like them :)  For an absolutely crazy amount of photos, you can look on my Webshots.  Those are posted for the Grandparents, but in case someone else wants a peak, no problem!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

02.14.11 ~ HEART DAY!

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Valentine's Day!!
So long Mr. The King!
This was Chase's photography
a couple nights prior!
The day started with Chase accidentally flushing his coveted "the King" car down the toilet.  The car goes everywhere with Chase, they have long discussions.  After consoling him and promising to buy a new one later, the boys went to school, and the girls played!
Karolyn, Madelynne and I joined Sara, Simon and Max at the Steeping Room for lunch!  I love their healthy food and especially the cupcakes!  That was my wish for my birthday!!  So I got my double chocolate and GF carrot cake cupcakes and took a few hours to slowly eat them!  I was not disappointed!
After picking up the boys, off to Walmart we went, but no the King!  There were 10 of every other Cars cars, but no King.  What a pain!  So we check Walgreens.  Again, every car but the King.  What's with that!  So we still have no King and are soon to go try Target!  He had a hard time going to bed without him last night!
Karolyn made a yummy supper for us at Daryl and Emily's. Makenna's birthday is on the 16th so we had a joint party!  Lots of fun!  Thank-you Karolyn and Emily!
It was a big day but a very good day!  We still missed daddy tho!  :)

02.12.11 and 02.13.11

We were sooooo lucky and happy to have Paula with her 2 boys Jesse and Nelson drive up from Houston for the night!  (Her hubby was working too.)  The boys loved playing with Jesse, he can be quite the clown and had a captive audience!  Madelynne watched baby Nelson like a hawk!  She giggled and jigged every time I would hold Nelson in her lap.  She loved it!
And it was so good to catch up with Paula.  Andrea came by on Sunday so it was us 3 good friends having a great chat again.  Love it!
Thanks again Paula for coming up and making our weekend!


The boys were to have a Valentine's party at school this Friday, Feb 11.  But when I brought them, we realized they hadn't been on their antibiotics for more than 24 hours.  So 2 boys had to leave the class room and go home.  Boy were they sad dis-heartened boys.  I felt sooooo terrible.  So I bought them balloons, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries and smores and we had our own party!  
Friday night Alison came over for a pizza party.
This was the start of a busy and very good weekend!


Ruben was a wonderful husband and sent me 18 roses, early Valentines present and maybe a bit of a "sorry I'm gone for your birthday..." maybe?!  :)  They are still thriving and beautiful a week later, thanks hubby!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Madelynne dressed for the cold

And it really is cold here! Not at all normal in Texas, I've never seen so many people walking outside wrapped in blankets!  Really, why buy all the warm coats etc when it's only a few days of the year, if that!

Last night, it was colder here that in Pincher Creek or High River!