All about Chase

Chase's announcement at the lunch table.

"We should exercise all the time.
We should go to Gospel Meeting all the time.
God should live in our heart all the time.
And that's how it should be."

And Mason says, OK.

Well said Chase!!  :)


Mason: "Daddy, look at all the stars!"
Chase: "Daddy, can we go to the stars? Please!"
Daddy: "You can go there in your imagination."
Chase: "Can you come too Daddy?!"
Daddy: "Yes. I can come too."
And so Daddy and his boys are packing their bags tonight...

09-22-10; It had been a long day with Ruben away to Texas.  I told Chase at bed time to "just go pray in his head" as I normally knee and pray with them.  Well Chase says to me "but Mommy, we pray in our hearts!"  Needless to say, I got over my stress fast and went and prayed with the boys.


Chase:"daddy, what's this?"
Daddy:"that's my chest hair."
Mason:"does it keep you warm?"

09-09-10: Chase being sneaky now, when he wants a snack, and is supposed to wait, and I'm in the kitchen, tells me to "close my eyes!" as he proceeds to find a snack.

Also Chase saw a mascara ad on tele the other day and then comes up to me and asks "where the pokey dark things on my eyes are".  Time to stop pulling my eye lashing!  If you know me you'll know it's been an ungoing bad habit since I was 8!

08-11-10: Chase was trying to cuddle with me, and told me my legs were too "pokey" to cuddle :). The boys have mentioned this befo

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