Friday, November 16, 2012

Our last 3 days in Ireland

I know it took me a while to get my blog caught up and yes finally this is the last Ireland blog post... for now!  I think I was stalling doing this, because it's kind of a closure once my blog is updated... I don't want closure!  Regardless, this is it, next posts are back to life in Texas.  A hundred thousand thank-you's and hugs to all the people in Ireland that have become so very special to us.  We miss you!  We loved the lifestyle, the scenery, the weather :), the accent and especially the people.  Ok, I better press post before I keep babbling and start crying! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Nort

A lot of site seeing in 2 days in Northern Ireland, or as they'd say, in the Nort!  Gotta LOVE the accent!  Got to see my friend and fellow Canadian Kari and her twin girls, and visit with the lovely Steele's.

Lollipops with Lily and Sine, soaking in the gorgeous scenery at the Giant's Causeway!

Simply exhausted!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Raphoe, Co. Donegal

Some very dear folk to us live in Raphoe, they watched the kids so we could go the wedding.  Heather happened to be home which the kids loved.  They have a Shetland pony that the kids could not leave alone!  :)
The the garden centre they own.

Fruit & Veg Stop

Adele started a Fruit & Veg Stop roadside stand when she was 12? and it has been a big success ever since.  On her way to the wedding, she stopped off at the stand for her customers.  The kids were being babysat by the Holmes, and so they went to see the "princess!"  The boys were VERY excited!  They quite like Adele :)

A stunning wedding in Co. Donegal


This and that, before road trip

Jody, us, May, Arlene and David.  Loved this little meeting.

Madelynne loved the inside of croissants, one last giggle with Anna,
restaurants must post where the meat came from, soup and americano.

Last good-bye to Aunty Laura and Aunty Julie.