Friday, June 24, 2011


One last stop at Esmee's grave... it makes me sad that I won't be able to visit the grave for a long time, but she lives forever in our hearts.  The "Baby Garden" is filling up in the past 3 years.  Alot of heart break in that garden...  I really miss my baby.

We LOVE our #1 Daddy!

I needed a pic with the kids too!

Ruben bought this sweet dress in Barcelona!

Good times in Austin

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of everyone we were able to spend time with or stay with.  But a BIG thanks to y'all for having us and all the good memoriable times!  And those of you we stayed with, hope we didn't unset things too much!!  Love you all!
Lisi, Linnaea and Cade time!

These 4 can sing "The Ants go Marching 1 by 1..." VERY LOUD!!!!

Benjamin and Trevin time!

Chuckie Cheese time!

Kimmie time!

Grandma and Grandpa celebrating Father's Day at Rachael and Dane's

Allison time!

Chill time!

Train time at the mall so mommy can SHOP!

June 23 was supposed to be an exciting day....

So what happened?  Yesterday was supposed to be the day I posted a picture of me by the American flag because I'd be a new citizen!  Well, that didn't happen.  We'd been trying to find out why no one could give us a time or place for the promised date from my interview immigration officer, trying to find out why they couldn't see me in the cue for an Oath Ceremony.
Finally my lawyer found someone who knew something and returned calls.  Turns out the officer (who I could barely understand) dropped the ball, forgetting to submit the paper work to start the rest of the process.  Slightly frustrating as she new we were waiting to move and be a "family" again etc etc, promising June 23rd, and she also told me many a time I could not leave the country before the Oath Ceremony.  As it turns out, there is no reason I can't leave, USCIS confirmed that a couple times, plus my lawyer. 
So it is what it is... frustrating but can't turn back time, at least I know they "found me" and the paper work is moving along and one day I'll find out when my Oath Ceremony is. Probably the end of July as they only have 1 a month in San Antonio and well, I just missed the June one...
Plan now is to leave tomorrow.  We need to get home and get a life and most importantly, get a much needed full convention!  We'll go to Antrim which starts next weekend.
Myself and maybe Madelynne will fly back for a couple days when ever the Oath Ceremony is.
I don't regret one minute of our month here in Texas while we "waited", it's just time to go home now!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Just got these pictures from my cousin Colin from when we were in Houston.  Classics of my boys :)

Supper with Paula and kids and Colin and Dayle-Marie

Monday, June 13, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa's house

In-between jaunts here and there, Grandma and Grandpa's house has been home base.  We are alot of noise and a messy crew, but we are loving these days with them!  Thank-you thank-you Grandma and Grandpa, and we can't wait to have you visit in Ireland!
Out for a walk with Grandpa.
Notice she's wearing 2 pairs of her brothers
underwear.  This is her new thing.  :)

Grandma's enchilladas, YUM!
This made Ruben weep when I sent him this picture!

San Antonio Children's Museum

Today, Grandma came with us to the Children's Museum, couldn't have gone here without her!!  The kids loved it, I highly recommend it and the price is right!
Bus driver Chase!

A couch just her size!

Captian Mason!

Captain Chase!

It's missing Warsaw where Daddy is today!

Bubble popped too soon!

Chase in a bubble!

She loves gears and figuring how things work!

The coolest grocery store to shop in and check-out etc.

Row row row your boat...

Nothing better than a Pajama morning!


I love cuddles!


Time at the Hoover's

Our dear friends let us come stay with them (and put up with us) in Katy for 4 nights and what a fun time it was!  And it was good for me too, Ms. Paula is full of awesomeness!  We swam, beached it, shopped, went to NASA and talked talked and talked!  THe kids loved it too!  I'm missing pictures from when we met up with my cousin Colin and Dayle-Marie, he got some good shots so if you are reading this, please email some to me!!

Snow cone time!

Pool and sprinkler park.


Goofy Chase!

Man made beach!

L'il brown eyes and l'il blue eyes.

The gang.

In Mr. Paul's boots!

Mason at NASA

Chase at NASA

Waiting to hear an actual Astronaut speak.  They even put their
hands up when asked if any questions...
Mason loudly said "Back here!" ...then they didn't have one! Was hilarious :)

Waiting for IMAX on "How to be an Astronaut"

Not much weight to hold her seat down!

Nelson had a good sleep in his cacoon!

Such a ham!