Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This picture just makes me want to gobble her up....


I must post this before I forget!  We were sitting around the table with Laura, Julie, Kimberly, Alison, the kids and myself, discussing how especially Mason is payback to me.  :)  I used to be such a wiggle worm, always had to be told to "sit square with the world" at the table, giggly, etc etc.  
Mason asks me, "What's hayback?"  
I say, "you mean payback?"  
Chase interrupts and says, "you know, when hair grows on your back and turns into hay, that's hayback."  
Saying this in a matter of fact tone.  Boy did we have a very good laugh!

...when hair grows on your back and turns into hay... Chase will be good at Balderdash one day!  And where does ...sit square with the world... come from anyway?!
Love love love my little "paybacks!"

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flat visitors

We've had 2 flat visitors in the house!  And I'm a horrible person for these visitors to be sent too, because I'm so slow in returning them, but it's off my conscience now, they are in the mail together taking a trip to Canada!

Flat Stanley arrived from my niece Avery almost a month ago!  We had fun getting pictures of him, should have taken more tho!  He was in the US Embassy with me, down town Dublin and Galway in some cool places, but forgot to take pictures there.  Oh well!

Then Flat Colter from Montana arrived!  He's a big one, so only pictures of him in the house!  Added some Irish to him and he's off with his flat buddy!

Now we just need real life Avery and her family and Colter and his family to come visit!